• 18日前 11月4日(日) 覚王山秋祭り またまたダイハチ全員酒豪! ん? またまたダイハチ全員集合!
  • 38日前 今日の今池まつりで! 第8旅団の演奏:19:00 郵便局裏の「四丁目パッドック」で。
  • 38日前 Daihachi at Imaike Matsuri today, 7:00! At the "Yon Chome Paddock", behind the Post Office.
  • 60日前 明日、エンビーチ!第8、17:00〜
  • 60日前 Daihachi at Enbeach tomorrow! ~5 o'clock.

The heat goes on!



Can you believe this heat? We haven't given up though - we've got various things happening. For a start, from the end of August going into September, some with a full lineup, some with a mini-band, these gigs.
Hope to see you at some of them!

8月26日(日)えんびーち りぞーと らうんぢ 〜さんでー あふたぬーん〜 午後5時〜
愛知県豊橋市神野新田町字ケノ割30-1 0532-43-5508

9月16日(日)今池まつり 北エリア 四丁目パドック 19:00

9月29日(土)第14辺野古新基地反対コンサートin名古屋 16:45

26th Aug. (Sun.) Enbeach Resort Lounge ~Sunday Afternoon~ About 5:00PM
Toyohashi 0532-43-5508

16th Sept. Imaike Festival, North Area, 4-chōme paddock, 19:00

29th Sept. Concert to oppose the Henoko USAF base.
Link (Japanese)

We've uploaded some songs to YouTube from our March 2013 gig at Tokuzo. Links below↓

Come Together & Indo Zo
Kane no Kuni
Chikara zuyoi Otoko to Onna
Niju man nen mae

30周年記念コンサートの写真、得三で。 Shots from our 30th anniversary gig at Tokuzo, May 2010.

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What's Daihachi Ryodan?

●We're often asked what kind of band Daihachi are, but it's pretty difficult to answer. Most of our stuff is original but we play songs by all kinds of other people too. Genre? Rock, really, but with Middle East, African, Rap, Reggae and other things mixed in. (Bit of Enka?) We're up for anything really.

●The name? It goes back to the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s. At that time there was a democratically elected Socialist government in power, which General Franco's fascist army was trying to overthrow. The International Brigade which gathered from all over the world to support the Socialist government, including such writers as George Orwell, was named the 8th Brigade, or "Daihachi Ryodan" in Japanese.
(With help from Hitler, Franco won anyway, and was in power till he died in 1975!)

●Members? Tero on guitar and vocals, John also guitar and vocals, Ojika on bass, Ishimaru on drums and Maruichi on drums and percussion. Twin drums and (nothing to do with music) front line all over 180cm. It's not all that long since this line-up took shape but you could say we're at some kind of peak.






  • 沖てる夫(vo.g)
  • ジョン・クローリー(g.vo)
  • 丸市(d.per)
  • 石丸きゅう(d)
  • 小鹿まこと(b)
  • 鵜飼恭子(acc.)

Daihachi Ryodan Profile

Formed in 1980; at that time played in university festivals, events etc., with mostly original material with a strong "message" element, often about environmental or social problems, together with songs by the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley etc.
With a lot of improvisation, the band had a special "Daihachi" sound. However, in 1986, for members' various personal reasons, the band broke up resulting in a 10-year gap till Dec. 1996.

While incorporating new elements, the distinctive, loose sound remains.
Now a fairly leisurely schedule results in concerts two or three times a year, often at Tokuzo in Imaike, Nagoya.

Band Members

  • Oki Teruo: vocals,guitar
  • John Crawley: guitar,vocals
  • Maruichi: drums,percussion
  • Kyu Ishimaru: drums
  • Makoto Ojika: bass
  • Kyoko Ukai: accordion