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Sorry this page isn't finished yet, so we've only got stuff on three members so far. Later we'll add everyone else, some in English, some in Japanese.


There was this band playing in the street...

JohnWell, I think it was 1980 and I was walking down the street in Sakae, near the TV tower, and there was some sort of event going on. A band I had vaguely heard of were playing - a bunch of weird-looking guys with the amps turned up and the lead guitarist was coming out with some kind of atonal noise and everyone else was yelling into the mics. There didn't seem to be more than one chord.

This, I thought, is the band I want to play in! And after going along to the next practice session I was allowed to join. In those days we really did a lot of one-chord songs with a lot of improvisation. Sometimes they went on for half an hour or more, even at concerts. I thought it was great, and apparently some of our audience did too.

We played at some of the small live houses in Nagoya - in particular "Electric Lady Land" and "Open House", both excellent places in their different ways, and both long closed. (Morita-san of Open House now runs Tokuzo, though.) In some ways this was my ideal band, although gradually two or three-chord songs started to creep in, and many different members joined and left. I've never been a proficient lead guitarist but somehow in this environment it didn't seem to matter so much. We had some really good times, but eventually members' outside commitments came in and forced us to break up.

After a 10-year break we got back together in the mid 90s, with most of the same members. Less of the long improvisations now, and more proper "songs" with fixed lyrics and chord progressions. Personally, I wouldn't have minded a bit more of the old freeform stuff, but our audiences might have found the new sound a bit easier on the ear. Anyway I think it's fair to say that our afro-latin-jazz-rock-reggae-psychedelic-enka-punk is slowly getting better. I've always thought of Daihachi Ryodan as a place where I can play pretty much whatever I want, and that stays true I think.





あれ? なんの話しているんだろ、わたし…。そうそうドラムだ、ドラム。私の場合、ドラムというより打楽器との出会いですかね。中学2年生のときにボンゴを買ったんスよ、近くのレコード屋さんで。胴のところが縞縞模様のラスタカラーのやつね。しばらくは、それで満足してたんだけど、どうしてもドラムが欲しくってねぇ。高校になって、友達から5000円で念願のドラムを買ったんです。といっても、あるものだけのセットで、シンバル、スネアはなし。シンバルは鉄板を探してきて、適当にぶら下げて叩く。スネアは、どうしたのかなあ?忘れちゃいましたがね、ともかく高校2年の文化祭で、オカバヤシ(注:岡林信康のこと)やったのが、初ステージだったすね。そのときもまだドラムセットという状態ではなかったので、ブラスバンドの連中のところへ行って、「ちょっと拝借」とかなんとか言って、いろいろ自分流のセットを作っちゃいました。






Teroオレンジ色の風がふく そして緑の雨はふる

絶えることなく ぼくらはつなぐ

時のながれよ 命のひかり

すべて 野のひとは 石

風がふいていても そこに立つ